Folding Carton Technology:

  • In Press Color Control and Intelligent Press (Spectral Color Measurement)
  • CIP 3 Software (Computer controls color consistency from proof to finished good.)
  • Computer to plate technology.
  • G7 Print Certification
  • GMI Certification
  • AIB Certification

Flexo Technology:

QD Proofer:   

We are able to provide Customers with custom drawdowns of practically any color imaginable, by performing in-house formulating and drawdowns of inks.

Ink Spec Dispenser:

All colors are input into the ink dispenser for automatic blending with outstanding accuracy.

Digital One Press:

With the Digital Press, we are able to produce High Quality, High End labels with the ability to apply the following:

  • Cast and Cure Film: A decorative process forms a consistent high quality surface that can incorporate ultra-high gloss, matte and holographic finishes on a variety of substrates. This technology uses UV/EB varnishes and specialty films to create diffractive surfaces that produce unique finishes for the printing and packaging industries.
  • Cold Foil: Cold foiling is a fast and cost-effective on-press process for applying foil to a variety of substrates—sometimes referred to as foil printing. Cold foils are available in silver and gold, in addition to stock and custom holographic patterns. Overprinting offers a limitless palette of color options.

Imager-Based Barcode Readers (1D, 2D):

Banner Engineering code reading solutions that can reliably decode difficult-to-read, low quality, and damaged codes in any orientation – as well as codes printed on highly reflective surfaces.

BST TubeScan Inspection:

We have installed on various Finishing equipment, which give the ability to perform simple 100% web monitoring, detection of missing labels and matrix residues to high resolution 100% print inspection within a workflow. 

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