Shrink Sleeves and Roll Fed Film

Shrink Sleeve Labels

Creating visual appeal and consumer interest, shrink sleeves and neckbands increase shelf presence and set your products apart from the competition. Full body sleeves allow the total surface area of the package to be printed with 360-degree graphics and can provide product quality and integrity with an integral safety seal.

Here are a few more reasons for using shrink sleeves in your packaging:

  • Bundle multiple products together for special promotions.
  • Larger printing area allows for enhanced 360-degree graphics.
  • Develop consumer interest and brand recognition using uniquely contoured containers.
  • Make the safety seal an integral part of the label.
  • Target specific geographical areas with regionalized graphic.

Roll-Fed Labels

Inexpensive and efficient, OPP roll-fed labels are cost-effective, provide 360 degrees of eye-catching graphics and can be applied at speeds in excess of 650 containers per minute on B&H, Trine or similar labeling equipment. Supplied in white or clear, OPP labels are also available with shrink properties for use in “Roll and Shrink” applications where uniquely shaped PET and HDPE single-serve containers are used.
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