Production Capabilities

FPC distinguishes itself from our competitors by offering:

    • Unparalleled CUSTOMER Service Teams who are dedicated to delivering excellence
    • Innovative, functional & cost-effective Design Solutions
    • Industry-leading turn times – “On spec, on time, every time”
    • Over 5 Sigma quality
    • Warehousing / Order Fulfillment
    • State of the Art Manufacturing Processes & AIB Quality Systems
    • JIT Inventory Management and Reporting Systems

Flexible Packaging

    • On-Press Color Control
    • In-Line Cold Foil
    • Rotary Die Cutting
    • Foil Stamping
    • UV and Solventless Lamination


    • Creative Design and CAD System generated samples
    • 3D Sample Rendering
    • Computer-to-Plate PrePress (CTP)
    • Multi-Color Printing

Folding Carton

    • In-Press Color Control
    • Die Cutting with Blanking
    • Folding – Gluing
    • Foil Stamping
    • UV, Matte or Aqueous Coating
    • Windowing
    • Tape Application
    • Litho-Laminated Corrugated

Litho-Laminated Corrugated

    • In-Press Color Control
    • Die Cutting and Blanking
    • Rotary Die Cutting
    • Folding / Gluing
    • UV or Aqueous Coating
    • TOPS Application


    • RSC’s, HSC’s and Die Cut Blanks
    • Plain and Multi-color Graphics

Continuous Improvement and Quality

At Frankston Packaging, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of our business through the concepts of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. Utilizing 5-S activities, TPM, and Kaizen events we are engaging our employees at every level reducing our cycle time and cost while improving delivered product quality. These philosophies guide our daily actions to ensure our customers are delighted with high quality, on-time innovative products. At Frankston Packaging, we strive to be the CUSTOMER’S first choice.

Quality Management System

Frankston Packaging’s Quality Management System has been meticulously developed to meet the exacting standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) while closely emulating the requirements of ISO 9000. In addition, we are committed to protecting the safety and quality of the food supply chain by closely following the American Institute of Baking (AIB) guidelines during the manufacture of direct food contact products. Frankston Packaging is devoted to continuous improvement and quality control throughout our process. Incoming raw materials are rigorously tested before being released for production to ensure we use not only the best materials but to guarantee repeatable results. Each step in the process has critical to quality (CTQ) real-time testing performed utilizing Statistical Process Control (SPC) which in turn drives Six Sigma process improvements. We employ a wide range of quality tools to accomplish these improvements with both handheld and scanning spectrodensitometers, score bend reduction, opening force, coefficient of friction (COF), viscosity, UPC scanning, glue detection, and dyne level testing. Frankston Packaging’s success relies not only on leading-edge continuous improvement and quality practices but on the skills of our enthusiastic and experienced workforce. We ensure each employee is thoroughly trained with certification classes and testing for each job function. Daily quality demonstration audits drive behavioral and procedural improvements to ensure consistency and adherence to policy in each step of the process. At Frankston Packaging, we are committed to delivering on spec, on time, every time.

JIT Inventory Management and Reporting

After listening to our CUSTOMERS, we developed a unique JIT Inventory Management system that minimizes your inventory and controls costs. This means you don’t have to worry about getting your product to market.

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