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We are extremely proud of the people who make up Frankston Packaging Company and their commitment to excellence! With years of experience and an expertise level second to none, they are fueling our growth both today and into the future. 

About Us

frankston_050-2-e1439565492862Founded in 1957, Frankston Packaging Company is a full service manufacturer of custom Paperboard Folding Cartons, Rigid/Set-Up Boxes and Flexible Packaging. Our ability to manufacture all of the above products under one roof makes us unique in this industry. While our company is a more than 59-year old company, you’ll find that we don’t act like one. That’s because of our commitment to you, our customer.

We are a different type of manufacturing company, one that is customer driven. In our company the customer drives every decision that we make. While most companies will try and sell you the same old box, we will spend time listening to your individual needs and then use our cutting edge design department to present you with innovative, attractive and economical alternatives to your current packaging. We are extremely proud of our history and with our unequaled commitment to our employees and customers, we are equally excited about our future.

Originally a Gulf States facility, the company is now owned by Kyle Eldred and Norm Bullock. Together, they have over 50 years of combined experience in the corporate business world, and have leveraged this knowledge base to move the company forward. Our customer’s response has been overwhelming as evidenced by our sales which have more than quadrupled since we purchased the company 15 years ago. As the company has grown, we have reinvested more than $10 Million of profits back into the company to improve in all aspects of the business.

Energy Efficient Culture

Green Initiatives: Green Lighting Project, Soy based inks, 99.9% of all manufacturing waste is Recycled

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