Quality Assurance

Folding Carton Quality Assurance

  • GMP Standards
  • Test Equipment
    • Opening Force
    • Score Bend Reduction
    • Testing
    • Glue Detection
    • Misfold Detection
    • Skew Detection
    •  Bar Code Detection with Auto EjectionTesting Equipment
  • AVT Color and Defect Inspection System

Flexo Quality Assurance


We utilize X-Rite eXact spectrophotometer along with ColorMaster and Color Cert software to achieve and maintain colors @/below 2.5 dE.


We utilize the following equipment to perform various testing on manufactured products:

    • Sutherland Rub Tester:  Testing for scuff of ink on labels.
    • Slide Angle Coefficient of Friction (COF) Tester:  Tester provides a Static Coefficient of Friction (COF) via the inclined plane method and conforms to a large number of ASTM, TAPPI, ISO and other standards for inclined plane friction testing.
    • Sutherland Rub Tester: Tester determines the amount of scuff or abrasion damage that may occur to printed materials during shipment, storage, or handling. This test procedure can simulate the effects of human use in continuous contact or dual surface abrasion a variety of types.
    • Stratix Xaminer elite: Barcode Verifiers give you the industry’s highest quality ANSI Grade barcode verification.
    • GMI Certification: Our Edinburg, VA plant is GMI Certified.
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